Building a home doesn’t have to be complex or daunting, especially when you’ve got an experienced team on top of every detail. With the Bollinger-Built® Process, you’ll know where you are every step of the way.

From start to finish, you can be living in your new Bollinger-Built® home in as little as seven months.

1. Meet and greet

We can’t wait to get to know you. This is the time to visit with each other and visit your homesite. We may well visit other homes with you as well to help in imagining your own.

2. Draw up the vision

We help you translate your dream into reality. Architectural drawings are produced; a budget that meets your needs is set; paperwork is signed and an initial deposit is made.

3. Break ground

All the contractors have been scheduled and work begins. Your Bollinger-Built® home takes shape from excavation to foundation to framing. We coordinate all necessary inspections as your infrastructure goes in.

4. Create the space

Time to move inside for drywall, paint and finish work. You choose your favorite finishes and fixtures and we make sure they’ll keep you comfortable and secure for many years to come.

5. Pop the Cork!

After one final walk-through, we hand over your keys and celebrate with a complimentary bottle of Bollinger Champagne. Congratulations and welcome home!